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I teach computers to read at Wavii.

Darner, Wavii’s new queue server: 10x faster, 10x smaller

Standing in line is for chumps.  Consider instead what you do if you’re waiting for the bus in Cuba.  It’s called el último: When you arrive at the stop, you announce “¿Quien es el último?”: Who is the last person in line? … Continue reading

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Spread the ♥ via Open Source

Today we are releasing Spread. In the midst of our kerfuffling about Hadoop we wrote a tiny app to make MapReduce-like operations just another part of the unix toolchain. Spread’s only charter is to shuffle data across a fleet of machines … Continue reading

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Your Mileage May Vary

Hi. You’re going to start seeing blog posts here from Wavii’s engineering team. They’re a smart bunch, and there’s been a lot brewing at Wavii HQ from which to skim advice. But I’d like you to try your best to … Continue reading

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