Be heard with Wavii polls

What do YOU think? Wavii’s new polls let you add your voice to the world’s events, and see how you stack up against your friends and everybody else.

Wavii is full of facts, but opinions makes them more fun. Are people going to buy the next Apple iPad for $799? Should the U.S. Congress focus on gun control. Is Frank Ocean the one to bet on in a fight…or Justin Bieber? Do people care about that new movie? There’s a different side to each story, and we want to hear it!


You can tell the world how you feel about Apple’s new tablet and immediately see what the rest of the world thinks. The social bar above the poll tells you how the people you follow voted, and if you want to defend your vote, add a comment in protest or ask your friends on Facebook or Twitter what they think!

Poll Results

If you can’t get enough of polls in your main feed, switch to the “Popular” or other feeds to find even more! More are on their way…let us know what you think.


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