Barack Obama to Kim Kardashian, the 20 most compelling timelines of 2012

Explore the year’s 20 most interesting characters, controversies, and events by viewing their Wavii timelines.

New to Wavii? We create the world’s timelines, so that you can keep up on what’s happening with your interests on Wavii, just like you keep up with your friends on Facebook. Get the Wavii app to explore if you’re on an iPhone!

Click the images to view their timeline:

Barack ObamaMitt RomneyHillary ClintonKim Jong-unDavid PetraeusFacebookSandy Hook SchoolMark ZuckerbergTrayvon MartinAppleLondonMarissa MayerMohamed MorsiInstagramGreeceJustin BiebersanduskyHurricane SandyBenghaziKim Kardashian


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