Christmas came early…Wavii 2.0 is here!

Wavii Christmas edition is here! Ok, just kidding, but we do have a big announcement. After months of toiling away to create the perfect mobile experience, we’re ready to announce our new iPhone app!

tl;dr looks good, runs fast, is fun …Twitter and email registration now included. Check it out at

Facebook is a great place to see what’s going on in your friends’ lives and give your opinion. But, it’s a little tougher to find and discuss the latest news over there, and even the most popular stories like Facebook’s purchase of Instagram, the latest iPhone release, or whoever Justin Bieber is dating today, are hard to follow because they’re spread between a lot of conversations and groups of friends.

Outside of Facebook, these and the other 99% of stories on the web typically show up in the news dozens of times, with conversations about them scattered everywhere you look.

Twitter isn’t any better. You follow people to get interesting news, but find your feed filled with noise and duplicates of the same opinion and story repeated ad nauseam. Then, good luck having a conversation about something…it’s hard to track the thread and know where to reply. And even when you find a story you want, you have to read each article to get the details.

The new Wavii is built to address this.

First, we comb through all of this noise and boil it down to simple status updates about what’s happening, i.e., the world’s news events. This is great if you love going deep on the news because it de-duplicates stories and makes it easy to navigate to what you care about…Especially when you’re on the go and don’t have time to read everything, but just want the highlights. There are millions of people like this (we heard from a LOT of them) that just don’t have time to read lots of news articles, but will keep up on their world through quick updates, similar to what they already use to keep up with friends.

Now you have one place to share your opinions with friends about what happened, whether you want to sing kumbaya together or yell and scream.

Social Bar in Wavii Feed

So, see what your friends think. Of course, your opinion is what really matters…so share your thoughts too!

Most people also have a lot of friends over on Facebook or Twitter, where they like to share their favorite stories, so we make that easy too. You can loop in these groups with a single tap.

Also, as part of this release we added highly requested features like more ways to share and comment on items in your feed. And one of my personal favorites is that you can now also register using Twitter or email!

Last but not least, we wanted to make it seamless to discover new things and add them to your personalized feed. Check out the new feeds at the top of your screen, like Popular, Technology, Entertainment, and a few more. These make it easy to find new topics to follow on the fly, and personalize your experience.

So go grab it today and let us know what you think!!


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