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Duped by Dupes

Last week, we started sharing how our system understands and distinguishes between the different people, places, and things it sees online. Your response was great…a lot of you seemed to enjoy reading it and we got some great follow-up questions! We thought … Continue reading

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Bush is back!….

Bet you’re wondering which one? Bush 41, Bush 43, the band, the brand, the city,….eugh, turns out there’s a million of em. How does Wavii know which one? Wavii allows you to customize your feed by following your topics of interests…from … Continue reading

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Darner, Wavii’s new queue server: 10x faster, 10x smaller

Standing in line is for chumps.  Consider instead what you do if you’re waiting for the bus in Cuba.  It’s called el último: When you arrive at the stop, you announce “¿Quien es el último?”: Who is the last person in line? … Continue reading

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#NBCfail…Wavii picks up where they left off

Given how closely we follow the details of what’s happening in the world, it probably comes as no surprise that the Wavii team is caught up with Olympic fever. So, in true Wavii fashion our team rallied into the data … Continue reading

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