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Your Mileage May Vary

Hi. You’re going to start seeing blog posts here from Wavii’s engineering team. They’re a smart bunch, and there’s been a lot brewing at Wavii HQ from which to skim advice. But I’d like you to try your best to … Continue reading

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3 Ways Headlines Harm Puppies and Cause Cancer

Ok, not really, but you clicked didn’t you? We were talking last week about how people want bite-sized news. Headlines are today’s attempt at this, but let’s look at why they don’t quite cut it. 1. Headlines sacrifice accuracy for clicks. … Continue reading

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500 More People on Wavii

We’re growing! A couple of weeks ago we said that we were going to take our testing to the next level, so this week we sent out nearly 500 invites… can’t wait to see you all on Wavii and get … Continue reading

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Bite Sized News

Newspapers are dead, but news is just getting started. Think about how your consumption patterns have changed over time. More and more, you choose to consume less and less. Let’s call it the atomization of content. What are some examples of this? … Continue reading

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